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Why saying "Get a hold of yourself! Pull yourself together" doesn't help. Depression


Talented Ukrainian author Zoya Nikityuk wrote a touching story for The Village, Ukraine, where I gave some advices how to help people in depression. There are  a lot of articles about it in English, I don't think we need to translate  May be the main one is never say "You are strong, what happens?", "Get a hold of yourself! Pull yourself together" - it doesn't work.  This will lead to the fact that the person will no longer turn to...

ECED Conference "Eating Disorders in MulticulturalSettings" in Vilnius, 7-9.10.2017


Psychologist as a career...


I didn't realise that I  have to be ready to spend many years studying actually...  My university diploma and PhD investigation, personal psychotherapy and supervised work mean hours and hours of work and still I can't say my career is as brilliant as I'd like it to be. But anyway I love my job and I'm really proud of it

What is Compulsive overeating and how can you treat it?


  By Maryna Fateyeva           Last year DSM-V (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) included several changes, among the most substantial ones are recognition of Binge eating disorder, revisions to the diagnostic criteria for anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa etc. Before many cases received a diagnosis of “eating disorder not otherwise specified”.      ...

I Don't Want To Hear About Your Diet!!!


    I recently attended a fashion dinner where I was seated across from the wife of a TV celebrity who’s now a healthy cookbook author. That’s less a blind item than a nearsighted item, but I can report that Cookbook Lady utterly ignored me until our meals arrived. I was the only person at our table to opt for steak over kale, and I also ordered a side of fries. Suddenly, every eye on the table was on me.       “You know what I like...

Animals school



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