About the method

 Gestalt psycotherapy is a humanistic method of therapy based on beleif that people are born with the capacity and possibilities to be in contact with others and live their lives creatively and happily. But somehow (in their childhood or later) the process is interrupted and the person is 'stuck' in some situations or views which interfere them to live their lives further. 

 It focuses more on process (what is happening) than content (what is being discussed). The emphasis is on what is being done, thought and felt at the moment rather than on what was, might be, could be, or should be.

 Gestalt therapy is a existential-experiential form of psychotherapy founded by Frederic (Fritz) Perls, Laura Perls and Paul Goodman in the 1940s.

A goal of therapy is to investigate and find out how those situations and views influence on a client, and create a solution that helps them to achieve THEIR dreams. 

In my practice I use also DBT and some CBT techniques.